• Motorcycle Ramblings
    This blog chronicles my motorcycle rides, opinions on motorcyles and the occassional zen diatribe
  • The London Biker
    Blog about being a biker in London
  • The London Biker / Patrick
    An alternative view


  • Horizons Unlimited
    Everything you need to know about adventure biking
    The home of London’s Bikers online
  • The Mango Tree Hostel
    Located in one of the best spots in Rio, one block from the world famous Ipanema beach.
    The wonderful people at
  • Way To Russia
    Planning a trip to Russia… this is the place you need to go
    Honda XRV750 Africa Twin. This site brings together the UK based Honda Trail Bike community.


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Motorcycle Ramblings
The London Biker
The London Biker / Patrick
Fragile X Pedition
Horizons Unlimited
Journey To The Equator
Long Way Round – UK
The Mango Tree Hostel
Way To Russia

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