• Visa Requirements

no visa requirements for Germany as part of the EU - no problems with border crossing but we do have to pay attention to what we can take into and out of the country - more on that information to follow

  • Current British Travel Advise

Foreign Office Advice on Germany

AA Roadwatch Germany Travel Advice and legal issues

German Embassy in London

  • Fuel (availability, quality and cost)

fuel is widely available and is about €1.35 per litre - very useful AA site here for petrol prices across Europe AA Roadwatch petrol price table

  • Period in country

We should only be in Germany for a maximum of 2 days, I would imagine that we'll stop somewhere in Germany on day 1, and then be out of Germany and into Poland on day 2

  • State of roads

Generally very good, main roads are very well maintained and should not offer us a problem - we do need to consider that if we want to cross the country at speed we will need to pay for the toll roads - some very usefull information on Germanys Autobahns here

  • Local embassy advice (phone call to the local British embassy)

The British Embassy in Germany can be found here - complete contact details are available from the website - in case of emergency in the country we should contact ++49 (0)1805 07 2006

  • Emergency advice, including medical cover – what happens if we have to go to hospital?

The British Embassy in Berlin can help us - we should call ++49 (0)1805 07 2006 24 hours a day - medical cover in Germany is as the rest of the Europe with the EHIC card - specific details on services available with that card in Germany can be found here

  • Cost of everyday items

Germany is as the rest of the EU - cheaper than the UK! But food etc are around the same price.

  • Usual cost of ‘gifts

No bribes required in Germany

  • Border routines Inward

EU 'border-less' crossing, normal rules apply as rest of EU - passport required - customs to be declared - specific customs regulations can be found here

  • Border Routines Outward

As above

  • Cost of accommodation – towns / villages – camping, B&B, hotels
    • Camping

The average cost of camping during the high season in Germany (July/August) is e.g. for a car/caravan (incl. 3 persons) approx. €20-€30 / day.

  • B&B

The average costs ranges from €16 to €40 per person per night depending on location Youth Hostels range from €14 to €19 per persons

  • Hotels

2* start at €20 up to over €150 for 3*

  • Road conditions

generally very very good - especially the main roads

  • Wild life.. bears?!

Not usual!


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