• Visa Requirements

no visa required - useful info on passport / visa information here

  • Current British Travel Advise

Foreign Office Advice on Latvia

Latvian Embassy in London

  • Fuel (availability, quality and cost)

fuel is widely available and is about €0.97 (as at 30th Sept) per litre - very useful AA site here for petrol prices across Europe AA Roadwatch petrol price table Latvia does not accept the Euro however and local prices are 0.7 per litre

  • Period in country

It's likely we will be looking to stay the night in Latvia (exact location ot be decided)... this needs to be firmed on the route timetable - Traval Advice noes that July and August are peak holiday times so pre booking may be required

  • State of roads

Road There are reasonable connections to all parts of the country from Riga. Traffic drives on the right. Bus: A better form of transport than trains in Latvia. The Central Bus Station is at Pragas iela 1. Car hire: Available through hotels and directly from car hire companies, reservations are recommended. Drivers can also be hired. Traffic regulations: Seat belts must be worn. Speed limits on country lanes are 90kph (56mph) and 50kph (32mph) in cities. It is compulsory to drive with headlights on 24 hours a day all year round. The consumption of alcohol by drivers is strictly forbidden as is the use of mobile telephones while driving.

  • Local embassy advice (phone call to the local British embassy)

The British Embassy in Latvia can be found here - complete contact details are available from the website - in case of emergency in the country we should contact +371 922 1804 and ask for the Duty Consular Officer

  • Emergency advice, including medical cover – what happens if we have to go to hospital?

The British Embassy in Riga can help us - we should call +371 922 1804 24 hours a day - medical cover in Lithuania is as the rest of the Europe with the EHIC card - specific details on services available with that card in Lithuania can be found here BUT because of the ‘newness’ of Latvia in the EU there are only specific doctors / dentists etc we can use - we should print out and take the advice on the page above with us.

  • Cost of everyday items

Generally quite cheap, having difficulty finding specific prices but if the petrol is anything to go by about 1/2 the price of the UK.

  • Usual cost of ‘gifts

No bribes required

  • Border routines Inward

EU ‘border-less’ crossing, normal rules apply as rest of EU – passport required – customs to be declared –

  • Border Routines Outward

As above

  • Cost of accommodation – towns / villages – camping, B&B, hotels
    • Camping

Cheap and found along main roads - Especially in the Gulf of Riga

  • B&B

Hard to find averages but probably simialr to rest of the Baltic States

  • Hotels

As above


  • Currency

Latvian Lat (Ls) = 100 santims. Notes are in denominations of Ls500, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins are in denominations of Ls2 and 1, and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 santims.

The value of the litas is locked to that of the euro (€) at 3.4528Lt to €1

£1.00 = 0.97 Ls Latvian Lats


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