Journey To Russia is explained simply; 3 Blokes, 3 Bikes, 3 Weeks. The journey starts in September 2008, when Matt, Stace and Patrick leave London for the far flung cities of St Petersburg and Moscow.

The journey will cover several thousand miles in a very short period, crossing the familiar western Europe and venturing into eastern Europe before entering the former USSR. The chaps will visit:

Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Luxembourg, and France.

Russia still holds a mystery, for so many years behind the iron curtain Moscow was a city of secrets, and intrigue. It’s still not the easiest place on earth to visit, especially on two wheels!

Motivation – Matt, Stace and Patrick wanted to do something to raise the profile of a charity very close to their hearts, Everyman. Everyman is dedicated to funding research to cross out prostate and testicular cancer. They hope their epic trip will not only bring this vital cause much needed publicity but also help raise money to say “balls to cancer”.

Preparation is already underway, and the chaps plan to film the adventure for a documentary and write several pieces for Bike and Travel related magazines and papers.

Matthew said,

‘Russia’s no longer the distant, powerful bear it once was. As it wakes into the 21st Century more and more people want to visit, and more and more people have decided flying doesn’t work. You can’t experience a country, a culture, 30,000 miles above it, or even encased in a metal can on it’s major highways. The only way to experience a country, it’s culture, it’s essence, is to breath it, to put it’s earth under your two wheels.’

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