So who are the three crazy guys attempting this mad dash across Europe?

Matthew CashmoreMatthew
Matthew has been riding bikes since he was two-months-old. His father bought him his first 600 sports bike when he was old enough to say ‘gaa gaa’. While he was in the womb his father read the highway code through his mother’s stomach, and instructed him on the art of motorcycle maintenance. He won his first MotoGP at the age of three.

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I was first inspired to ride a motorbike at the tender age of 6. A neighbour had what looked to me a massive motorcycle and I would always come out and watch him ride off on it. Of course it is only now that I know that this being 1976 had I seen him going round a corner I would have been put off for life…

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Stace SmallStace
Well, where do I start really? At about 13 I was given my first proper bicycle, by 15 this was too small and I was given a full size racer, which I rode everywhere. At 16/17 all my mates were riding motorbikes so at 17 I purchased a brand new Suzuki DR125, which as I recall was yellow with a small blue bag fitted behind the seat.

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