CIMG1381I’ve been very lucky with this small crash – I’ve escaped with relatively minor bruises and grazes compared to Patrick’s broken leg! But it still blasted well hurts!

I’m sure it will heal very quickly but I can’t wait for the shoulder bruising to sort itself out – It doesn’t look much but the whole shoulder hurts when I try to rotate my arm – I’ll give it a few more days and if I’ve still had no joy – back to the docs.

These accidents are playing havoc with our training schedule – and the fact that we can’t get out to write reviews for TrustedPlaces!


Missing ScreenI don’t know what’s going on with us lot recently but as Patrick has already said I had an off this evening. A corsa behind me felt that stopping at traffic lights was optional.

I’m now hurting quite a lot – bruised chest from going through my windscreen, bad ankle and knees but according to medical staff I’ll live – which is nice.

The weekend training run is of course off whilst I deal with insurance companies and getting Toby back on the road.


Just had a call from Matt. I was at the hospital today for a check-up on my leg (more on this later) and he tells me he’s sitting by the side of the road having been rear ended by a car on the North Circular on his way home!

He says he’s okay though. He’s in shock and I’ve berated him for not going to Hospital so he said he’ll go later. Bike is a bit bent but not to bad.

I’m expecting an update shortly so I’ll keep you posted!