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It’s been two days of conflicting emotions – on one hand – way-hey! Lot’s more people donating to Everyman at JustGiving which is fantastic – in particular I want to mention the partners at Paul Davies and Partners (who Stace work for) who have donated a fantastic £200!

Paul Davies and Partners do quite a lot of charity work, and they’re a big company… international architects and are in the top 100 companies to work for – a pretty cool company who’ve given us a pretty cool £200 to stamp out male cancers.

The bike has been serviced and all went well until 4pm yesterday when I tried to start the bike… then it was all a bit Arghhhhh!

Bike simply refused to start even though there appeared to be sufficient power for lights etc – I went through the alarm, and ignition circuits, checked the fuses – you name it I checked it. In the end I took a gamble and dashed up to Honda in Luton to buy a brand new battery (£49), which also cost me a parking ticket (£65), but when I got home, charged the battery and put it on the bike – all was well and it fired up (priceless).

So today is paperwork and last minute shopping – hopefully it’ll be a lot more way-hey – my fingers are crossed! :-)


So the time is nearly here. We leave a week Saturday from Hatfield – in fact we’re having a bit of a party and you’re all invited.

Details over on the facebook event page.

We’re going to meet at around 3pm, and party until we leave at 7pm – there’s a band booked to play and there’ll be shed loads of burgers, rolls, and importantly jelly (it’s not a party without jelly).

In other news:

We’re going to be ‘livecasting’ every night at 7pm BST – right here on this site – you’ll be able to watch a live two minute TV show from where-ever we are on the road – all thanks to the magic of my Nokia N95 and a new service called Qik. If you miss the show, don’t worry the last one will be available all the time right here on the front page.

Five Live LogoAnd in exciting BBC News – you’re going to be able to keep up to date with our movements via Up All Night on Five Live – how cool is that?

We’re on-air early morning of Saturday 30th September before we leave, then again on the phone on Monday 2nd September (again early morning), Saturday 6th September (early morning), Saturday 12th September (early morning) and finally on Sunday 21st when we come back.