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CIMG1381I’ve been very lucky with this small crash – I’ve escaped with relatively minor bruises and grazes compared to Patrick’s broken leg! But it still blasted well hurts!

I’m sure it will heal very quickly but I can’t wait for the shoulder bruising to sort itself out – It doesn’t look much but the whole shoulder hurts when I try to rotate my arm – I’ll give it a few more days and if I’ve still had no joy – back to the docs.

These accidents are playing havoc with our training schedule – and the fact that we can’t get out to write reviews for TrustedPlaces!


Missing ScreenI don’t know what’s going on with us lot recently but as Patrick has already said I had an off this evening. A corsa behind me felt that stopping at traffic lights was optional.

I’m now hurting quite a lot – bruised chest from going through my windscreen, bad ankle and knees but according to medical staff I’ll live – which is nice.

The weekend training run is of course off whilst I deal with insurance companies and getting Toby back on the road.


Just had a call from Matt. I was at the hospital today for a check-up on my leg (more on this later) and he tells me he’s sitting by the side of the road having been rear ended by a car on the North Circular on his way home!

He says he’s okay though. He’s in shock and I’ve berated him for not going to Hospital so he said he’ll go later. Bike is a bit bent but not to bad.

I’m expecting an update shortly so I’ll keep you posted!


I’m going to take the opportunity to try 4 days in the saddle this weekend – the tent will go up and down 4 times, and I’ll do 180 + miles each day – the idea being of course, to simulate the kind of milage and day to day activities Russia will see us face. I’ve not done this kind of milage, or multiple camp sites before, so I think it will be a good indication of what it’s going to be like when I’m tired, possibly wet, and just need to sleep.

If you’ve got any ideas where I can head this weekend drop me a line, at the moment the plan is to just head north, then west, then south then home.

The other bits to try out this weekend will be writing each night. So far I’ve been so pre-occupied with actually getting the tent up, cooking, and all that jazz that I’ve not sat down and written for the blog or searched out interesting places for our TrustedPlaces reviews.


Patrick, Matt and StaceWell I’m not one for cliches but it’s certainly been an eventfull week not only for JTR but especially me. If you haven’t heard already (tongue firmly in cheek seeing how Matt has gone into Fleet Street overdrive…) I’ve broken a bone in my leg and ruptured some ligaments in my ankle. A nice balance. I was kept in hospital for a few days as I had an upset stomach mainly and I thank Kingston Hospital for not letting me go home sooner as it wasn’t a nice experience.

Actually talking about the NHS I have to say what a top job it did to fix me up. It gets knocked but the people working in the NHS make it work. From the moment the paramedics turned up everything was done with the mimimum of fuss – a very British thing and I found this a real comfort to me being on the receiving end.

I’m no stanger to NHS trauma care having broken my left ankle coming off a previous bike a few years ago – once again everyone who I saw worked hard to patch me up. I did my bit by wearing the right kit but nonetheless a top job thank you!

Glad to be home though…

I’m non weight bearing on my right leg at the moment. My left leg is not used to doing the work but it’s coping. I’m taking it easy but having learned from experience I must not get to much of the ‘I am helpless’ mindset and I’m trying most things for myself. Lots of stretching and body weight exercises (whilst keeping weight off the right leg) are the order of the day. So wish me luck and any advice would be great.

However I look at it. I have a bit of a “stretch goal” to achieve to make the trip. I’ll be out of plaster for sure however it’s more a question of how strong my leg is. My big fear would be to become injured in a silly accident as a result of a leg not up to the extra strains the trip will bring. Of course there is no predicting what will happen so at the moment it really is a case of sitting tight and seeing how my body heals.

I do however have a secret weapon. Both myself and my partner are very interested in nutritional therapy and I’m looking at getting the best food and supplements inside me in order to be ready to meet the challange of being fit for the fith!

If you think of Steve Austin (a.k.a The Six Million Dollar Man) and you know what I’m thinking .I have the red tracksuit on order already….

Fit for the Fith – My war cry as I hobble into a period of weightless uncertainty…


PatrickWell that’s it. Patrick is home safe and sound – he’s got his leg up in the air and a dog that is really happy to see him!

We’re all very relieved that the man himself is home, and we’re crossing everything for a speedy recovery so he can get straight back on the bike.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have some shots of the damage to the bike and we can assess what needs to happen to get the man himself back on the road – he’s even applied for some print outs of his x-rays, which will certainly brighten our flickr stream up!

Thanks very much to all the people who’ve emailed me to help find some gloves for Patrick – sorted now thanks to the wonderful Ness!


Patrick in bedPatrick is still feeling a little groggy after all his meds, which isn’t very nice at all. He’s up and about on crutches, which is very positive news, but still feeling under the weather. I think it’s all catching up with him now and he’s starting to feel a little poorly, which is to be expected.

If all goes well and his test come back clear he’s hoping to get out of the hospital tomorrow and start the long road back to fitness.

He’s asked me to find him a pair of weight training gloves, or cycling gloves – just something to stop his hands getting blistered with the crutches – so if you’ve got an idea where I could get those drop me an email.


Hamming it upPatrick has a dirty great big slab of metal in his leg – 1 metal plate with 7 screws holding it in. We’ve been down to see him this afternoon and he’s in fine spirits! Took him some reading material, and some fresh strawberrys.

Also been glad to hear that you can get over this quite quickly – asked the guys over at Horizons Unlimited what they thought and they’ve come back saying he’ll be back riding fit in no time. One chap in particular broke his leg and was back up and about in 8 weeks – so here’s crossing our fingers that Patrick will be up and about ready to battle his way to Russia.

He’s trying to get hold of a copy of his x-rays so with any luck we’ll have those up soon!


patrick in hospital 014The news is in – Patrick’s operation has gone well.

There was some ligament damage and it sounds as if more pins were needed than initially thought. But the important thing is that the operation went well and with any luck our fellow traveller will be out tomorrow – crutches and plaster complete.

The only problem now of course – is how on earth do you keep a very active fellow ‘active’ when he’s got one leg strung up?


Patrick is heading down for an operation this morning to pin the bone, and see if there’s any damage to his ligament.

We’re all crossing everything here that it’s nothing more simple than a pin, if it’s a plate then Russia may be off for him. It’s something none of us want, but if anyone is going to get over a broken leg, get fit and ride to Moscow, it’s Patrick.