I’ve been playing with a few methods of tracking our route and displaying it on the site whilst we’re on our trip.

Couple of reasons for doing this, but mainly it’s there to show our progress, and if anything goes wrong, where we were at the last upload.

I’m working on a way of pulling out the GPS data from the Tom Tom Rider, converting it to a sensible XML format, then creating a KML file for download (which will contain a GPS position every 60 seconds), and a google maps file (which will contain a GPS point every 4 hours).

I’ve got the KML uploads sussed, now I just need to find some way of stripping out all of the data (except one every 4 hours) and converting it to a google maps format… then I can start working on the upload function… ideas / thoughts… help!? email me

Click image to see larger version

KML File Visualisation